About this project:

It hasn't been done yet... And, with the passing of the 40th anniversary of KISS' 1980 "Unmasked" tour, it's clear that IT IS TIME! Perhaps being European, I've always felt more for this era than it deserves, yet it was an important time in the band's history.

The "Return of KISS" tour had seen the interpersonal relationships within the band reach an all-time low, yet the success of the "Dynasty" album internationally had led to KISS signing a strong deal with Phonogram. While their popularity was in free-fall in North America, the band looked both East and West for opportunities which lead to the KISStoric visit to Australia and New Zealand towards the end of 1980 -- that part of the tour is worthy of a monstrous book on its own! And, for the first time, the band conducted a full tour of Europe.

Oh, and Peter Criss departed the band and Eric Carr was chosen as his replacement...

1980 was the catalyst that set off a chain of events for the band that would reverberate for the rest of the decade, if not until the 1996 reunion. Therefore, "Mass KISSteria: World Tour 1980-81" starts its story on Dec. 16, 1979 and reconstructs a year in the life of a band through internal Aucoin, Casablanca, and Glickman/Marks memos and other documents, newspaper and magazine reports and features, and contemporary interviews in print and other media forms with the band members and others.

It's not a photo-book. But it will be picture heavy. You're not going to see photos from those professional photographers featured in glossy magazines or selling their own books and prints. If there are any photos, then they'll be from fans who attended the shows and events during the year. This is their story as much as the band's!

About the plan:

Step 1 is to announce that this project is being worked on. It doesn't exist yet. No pre-orders will be available until an acceptable physical form exists -- it that happens! All the authors' notes are being organized, files are being scanned, structure is being frame-worked, a project plan developed. Then I'll have an idea of gaps where solicitations could be sent out for contributions or comment.

Who knows where this leads, I might simply have a nicely organized file for personal use when I'm done with my part! But let's see if there's still enough fan excitement out there to make a grand idea become reality!

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